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In the new era of globalization and electronic information exchange, we, PHRS management, decided to provide our colleagues, ship owners, ship operators, students and other interested parties, with a valuable tool for their daily job. This tool, called e-services area, is a unique source of information for those who need updated information on several fields of Classification, Statutory, Registration and Technical Consultation work. This source of information along with the News Archive are actually an on-line library which is continuously updated with new issues of common interest. During the initial registration process, certain mandatory information is required. Any additional (optional) information provided in a user's profile helps us to grant you access to the most appropriate sub-areas. All information provided is considered confidential and therefore not communicated to any third party.

Through e-services area, PHRS appointed surveyors / representatives have on-line access to the latest versions of Rules & Regulations, Certificates forms, Report forms, Technical Circulars etc. enabling their undisturbed performance and functioning on a 24/7 time basis wherever they are, through just an ordinary internet access, by using their unique user's name & password.

Registration to e-services area is free and is subject to approval by PHRS which, reserves the right to accept or reject a registration request. In case of denial, PHRS is not obliged to explain the reasons of rejection.

For security reasons, visitor's IP address and country of internet connection access is recorded in our system.

We hope you enjoy the experience. We are always open to suggestions, proposals or comments for our continuous improvement.

With our Best Regards,
PHRS Web Administrator

Disclaimer: While every effort has been exercised for the accuracy of the information provided in the e-services area, PHRS cannot guarantee nor accept any responsibility for omissions, misinterprentations, misuse or virus infection from the material available for access or downloading in this e-services area.

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